Photography is a way of life, my voice, my language and a friend.

To achieve more order in my chaos of thoughts and impressions, I seek silence and peace.

My body and mind are more able to digest life. I can breathe. I can create.

Epilepsy has effected me my whole life. It is formative and challenging.

It is like darkness all of a sudden being pulled down and I function on a brim of the light that leaks in.

Photography gives me a tool to reach that light.

My wish is to be more visible. To own my own story.

Ellen Semb Hagen



`Don`t be ashamed to be a human being- be proud!

Inside you vault after

Another opens endlessly

You`ll never be complete

And that`s as it should be   


by Thomas Tranströmer                 

from “Romanesque Arches” (For the Living and the Dead,1989)